Designer's Resale HDB Flat Package

USUAL PRICE: $20,888 $22,888 $24,888 $26,888
DISCOUNT PRICE: $18,888 $20,888 $22,888 $24,888

A) Professional Services

  1. Design consulation & space planning
  2. Design concepts and proposal & perspective drawings
  3. Materials and colour selection
  4. Designer's 3D computerized drawing
  5. Project management & site supervision
  6. Letter of warranty (2 years) & after sales service

B) Demolition Works 

  1. Hacking of existing floor tiles and skirting at living hall, dining & store room 
  2. Hacking of existing wall & floor at kitchen 
  3. Hacking of existing cement mortar base at kitchen
  4. Hacking of existing wall & floor tiles at 2 bathrooms
  5. Hacking of existing fitting and accessories at 2 bathrooms
  6. Hacking of exsting kitchen cabinet

C) Masonry & Flooring Works

  1. Supply and lay 600x600mm polished  homogenous floor tiles at living, dining & store room c/w skirting
  2. Supply & lay HDF laminate flooring at 3 bedrooms c/w skirting
  3. Supply & lay ceramic wall tiles at kitchen 
  4. Supply & lay ceramic wall tiles at 2 bathrooms
  5. Supply & lay homogenous / ceramic floor tiles at kitchen
  6. Supply & lay homogenous/ ceramic floor tiles at 2 bathrooms
  7. Supply & apply waterproofing membrance at kitchen & 2 bathrooms
  8. To construct kitchen cabinet base c/w side tiles finish
  9. To construct fridge base c/w tile finish
  10. To construct washing machine base c/w tile finish

D) Carpentry Works

  1. Fabricate and custom built 20ft of kitchen cabinet in laminate finishing & A.B.S trimming:
  • Comes with designer's handle/chamfered door edge
  • Comes with soft closing hinges for casement door
  • Comes with 01 stainless steel dish rack
  • Comes with 01 cutlery tray
  • To provide labour to install 01 set of conventional cooker hood and hob.

        2.  Fabricate and custom built 10ft kitchen solid surface work top

E) Painting Works

  1. To paint whole house (walls & ceiling) using ICI or Nippon emulsion paint
  2. To paint all doors, frames, gate & piping using ICI or Nippon enamel paint

F) Plumbing Works

  1. Supply & replace stainless steel piping for kitchen & 2 bathrooms (cold only)
  2. Supply & lay outlet piping for washing machine
  3. Supply & lay outlet piping for kitchen sink
  4. Supply labour to install 2 sets of sitting water closets
  5. Supply labour to install 2 no. of wash basins and taps
  6. Supply labour to install 2 no. of instant water heaters 
  7. Supply labour to install 2 sets of bathroom accessories 
  8. Supply labour to install kitchen sink & tap 

G) Aluminium Works

  1. Supply and install 1 no. of WPC Bi-Fold door for each bathrom 

H) Miscellaneous Works

  1. Protection of flooring with corrugated cardboard for affected areas
  2. Chemical washing for whole house
  3. General cleaning upon completion of works
  4. Haulage services
  5. Disposal of renovation debris  
  6. HDB permit application 


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